“There are strange things done in the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold;
The Arctic trails have their secret tales
That would make your blood run cold...”

Emily Atwood Photography has moved!

All the way from Alabama to Alaska. Why Alaska? There are many reasons. I was born in Anchorage, and we moved when I was nine years old. We lived three years aboard a sailboat that eventually landed us in Fairhope, Alabama, where I did most of my growing up. I loved living on the gulf coast of Alabama, but always missed the cold, last frontier.

I've always loved animals and recently graduated with a biology degree in order to pursue that love. Alaska is a gold mine for biology-based jobs. That, coupled with my longing for home, is what brought me, my husband, Sam, and our cat, Snowball, along with our dog, Enzo, up to Alaska.

So how's it going?

The move has been physically, financially, and emotionally difficult. My family is all in Alabama, and I miss the beaches, marshes, and sunsets of the south. However, I do feel that I am where I need to be. The north is cold and alluring. The people are astoundingly kind, friendly, and ready to render aid. The energy of a place left largely un-scarred by human touch is pure and electric. I've started applying to jobs in my chosen field, and I'm excited.

A New Beginning

While the challenges are many, the opportunities are equally abundant. Here is an opportunity to make our own way, our own choices, and build our own legacy. I'm going to help the animals, and we are going to have an adventure of our lives.

“Some say God was tired when he made it;
Some say it's a fine land to shun;
Maybe; but there's some as would trade it
For no land on earth—and I'm one.”