Hi, I'm Emily Atwood-King.

I am a portrait, couples, and wildlife photographer located in the United States. I'm part Canadian and I was born in Alaska, but grew up on the gulf coast of Alabama. My husband, dog, cat, and I moved back to Alaska in 2022 and now live full time in Eagle River, AK. I graduated from Southern Virginia University with a double-major in biology and biochemistry and a special concentration in photography. I have been published on the Unscripted App for Photographers, the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, and have a contract with the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center as an on-staff videographer.

I have joyed in taking photos since I was a young'n when my mother gave me my first Fisher Price film camera, but never thought I had what it took to make a profession out of it. A few Christmases ago (2019), my husband got me my first "real camera," which inspired me to enroll in photography courses at my university. Since then, I've been working to progress as quickly as possible because there is a fire within me that cannot be tamed. It's impossible to capture lightning in a bottle, but it's not impossible to capture it in a photograph.

In addition to photography, I enjoy singing, spending time with my animals, and boxing— I hold two national boxing titles. I love creating art and I am excited to help you see your own beauty.


Do you travel?

Yes! I am happy to travel. Travel over 50 miles & lodging costs will be the responsibility of the client to cover, but I always look for the cheapest prices and best deals! I know what it's like to be on a budget!

Do you offer prints?

Yes! Through my gallery service, Lightfolio, there is a "purchase prints" option. Your prints will come from Bay Photo Lab. Prints are an additional charge and are not included in your shoot price.

When can I expect my photos?

My rule of thumb is two hours of editing time per 30 minutes of shooting. I give as much TLC to each photo as possible, because I want you to cherish your photos forever! Seeing as I have other human needs and responsibilities (unfortunately) and can't sit down and edit an entire wedding from start to finish (as much as I'd like to), you can expect your wedding photos within six weeks (although it will most likely be much sooner). Shorter sessions, such as engagement sessions, will most likely be delivered within two weeks. Please be gracious and patient, as I am giving each photo the care and attention it needs to shine!

Will I have ownership rights of my photos?

Yes! You have the right to use your photos for any personal purpose you'd like. Commercial reasons, such as advertisements or magazines, are another thing. You do not have the rights for commercial use, although if you'd like them, let's talk and get a deal going!

How do you deliver photos?

All my photos are uploaded in the highest resolution possible via an online gallery called Lightfolio. You will be able to download your images to any device. Your gallery will be open for you for 30 days after delivery, so make sure you download and save them ASAP!

How do you edit photos?

I use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. I usually edit on my iPad pro or my MacBook pro.

What camera gear do you shoot with?

I shoot Nikon! My camera is a mirrorless Nikon Z7. I started out on a Nikon D3500. I have a small collection of lenses, my favorite being my 24-70mm 2.8. I normally shoot outdoors in natural light, but when shooting indoors, I have a small speed light off camera flash that I bought from Amazon. Contact me if you want to learn more!