“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.”

Camera Upgrades & Cherished Memories

This blog post is about two things— my visiting family, and my long-awaited Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera.

Camera Upgrades & Cherished Memories

This blog post is about two things— my visiting family, and my long-awaited Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera.

The Transition from The D3500 to the Z7

I began my photography journey on a starter camera— the Nikon D3500. A DSLR camera and the perfect beginner model, my D3500 got me to where I am now. Every photo you see on this website, aside from the ones in this post (and the ones that will be taken hereafter) were taken on my D3500. Clearly a wonderful camera, but after almost two years in the industry, it was time for an upgrade. I did heaps of research and found the camera of my dreams— the Nikon Z7.

I won't bore you with all of the specs of the Z7, but it has almost twice the mega pixels of the D3500, its ISO reaches far below 64, it's weather-proofed, it has real-time, on-screen image adjustment, and so much more. I'm most excited to try out its low-light abilities as my D3500 always struggled in low-light.

A Visit from Family

My family is spread across the continent. Half in Canada, some in Hawaii, a lot in Alaska, Missouri, Texas, Utah, Georgia, and now Oregon, it takes a lot of effort to reunite. Two weeks ago, some of my favorite people in the world made that effort to come from Missouri and Oregon to spend a weekend on the beaches of the emerald coast here in southern Alabama. My older sister Jennifer, her daughter and my niece, Ariana, and Ari's son and my great-nephew, Atticus.

Best Friends

Ari has been one of my best friends (along with my younger sister, Gillian) since birth and it has been difficult being separated from someone so special to me. As we've grown older, life has kept us busy and kept us apart.

Photo taken by my sister, Gillian

Atticus, Ari's son, now 8 years old, has become one of the sweetest, most intelligent children I've ever met. He is always in the mood for a hug, his tender-heart full of empathy and understanding. I feel so blessed to be related to this special boy. You'd be amazed at the way his mind works and the way he sees the world. He's already better at math than I am, and he composes a thrilling story off the cuff.

These are a few of the shots he took using my camera...

He's already showing lots of talent!

The Sisters

Left to right are my younger sister, Gillian, my older sister, Jennifer, and me, Emily. Spending time with these two women was food for my soul. It was wonderful to reconnect with Jennifer. How blessed I feel to be connected to her through family ties. She is an inspiring professional. Smart, funny, and kind, she is someone I wish to emulate in myself.

My sister Gillian lives nearby and I couldn't be happier for that. She is my built-in best friend, singing partner, and comforter. Another inspiration whom I wish to emulate.

A Piece of my Heart

I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, and ever since leaving, my heart has longed to go back. Every time I so much as think of Alaska, my heart stirs and a thrill spreads through me. When spending this short time with my family, I felt that same thrill, and realized that what I had been longing for was them.

The Perfect Inaugural Shoot

It took a long time to get my camera up and running. I needed a lens adapter to adapt my DSLR lenses to the mirrorless, I needed a new type of memory card, and then a firmware update. It was an uphill battle and I was excited to finally shoot with it. I wanted its first shoot to be something meaningful, but I hadn't decided what. This shoot with my family could not have been more perfect. I will forever look back on these images with warmth, fondness, and peace.

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